ATM: Nymano

posted by Anthony Gigantino

At this moment...

Have you ever heard a song that can push the nostalgia out of you like "The Walk" by Imogen Heap after a bad breakup? Alright, Hector Stashtag's gonna shed a few hairs off his fat upper lip spliff for using such an non-macho analogy to convey his message. However, (yes, even macho men have guilty pleasure songs that would make Randy Savage want to beat us with a slim jim and double axe handle smash) there's a little something special when you hear a song that combines an emotional endorphin ensemble of bliss with a saxophone blare that could reverse melancholy without a prescription or Percocet along with the opening lines from one of Film Dorktopia's (not a real place...I think) greatest masterpieces: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

This song I'm speaking of is the craftsmanship of the Nancy, France bedroom beatmaker, Nymano. Often compared to the legendary and Hector Stashtag's personal all-time favorite producer, Nujabes, Nymano's "This Girl" from his album "Romance" begins with the sweet nothings of Joel (Jim Carrey) mustering up the courage to say to Clementine (Kate Winslet): "I'd like to see you; I'd like to take you out." After this opening line, in the words of alexanderdelatorre in the comments section of Chillhop Music's YouTube Channel, "The sax, the vocals, the flow... this song is sooo sexy."

Even more so, the words of Nathan Fulcher's comment really struck home for me when thinking about this song: "Let me tell you 'bout this girl, maybe I shouldn't. I met her in Philly and her name was Brown Sugar." While Hector isn't sure if that was her real name or her stage name at Club Risque, he vividly remembers uttering those same lines to Brown Sugar that Joel did to Clementine in Charlie Kaufman's classic. Hector just doesn't remember if he wanted her erased from his mind or not.

Other stud jewels that will make you want to take a trip to the other side of the pond and vibe with our boy Nymano include "Women," which does a superb job blending words from the Japanese anime classic "Cowboy Bebop" (which includes the musical score produced by Nymano's comparison and predecessor, Nujabes) with a nice touch of the infamous "ay-yo" interludes from legendary Queens rapper and Nas collaborator, AZ. Julia telling Jet that, "women are all liars, you should now that" will surely draw an eye roll or two from your wife, girlfriend, or date your trying to impress while bumping this on the way to steak dinner at TD Jakes. The Metaphorical Music YouTube Channel also provides a nice anime video of Cowboy Bebop scenes to this short 1:46 song for your viewing pleasures.

Other tracks that gave me vibes to feel alive included "Summer Is Gone" with Esne, "At Home With You," and "Lost & Different."

The YouTube channel Steezyasfuck provides, like they do for many amazing LoFi music tapes, the full beattape for your listening pleasures. The comments on this song include a philosophical discussion started by Alex Lopez on the topic of "Romance" itself, as well as an intriguing request from Kinzarn: "this comment section needs to have a big ass smoke sesh meet up." Count Hector Stashtag in for some good company and good vibes courtesy of France's greatest gift to America since the Statue of Liberty: Nymano!

To find his wonders of the world, GO SUPPORT AND SHOW LOVE:

Until next time, you can find me...AT THIS MOMENT!


Signing Off!

ATM: At This Moment

posted by Anthony Gigantino Otherlane terms, this means At This Moment. Our blog, much like our story, will focus on the "what's happening" of the present moment. Otherlane doesn't focus on the past, nor does it dwell into the distant future. In the life of Hector Stashtag, there is only, in the words of Luther Vandross, the "here and now." We aren't concerned with rankings, making lists of who we think is the best based on Facebook likes or whoever pays us the most to list them as our top selections. Rather, Hector Hashtag prefers to feature who he's come across in his daily travels across the globe. Those frozen moments in time that leave an imprint in our memory bank are what I find to be noteworthy.

In my travels, I find most of those lasting imprints to come when I'm listening to music on my Akuma while cruising on Biscayne, stopping at a hole in the wall mom and pop restaurant to tantalize my taste buds, watching feats of athletic achievement that motivate me to put down the bike and run ten miles while simultaneously curing cancer, the intrigue that spikes my curiosity when I gaze upon sculpted wonders of ancients times, and the sight of a film that feels so real I begin to believe I'm living out the character's scenario myself.

It's...At This Moment...that we would like to begin featuring artists, events, businesses, blogs, articles, videos, etc. that put hairs on the upper lip of Hector Hashtag himself! Each day, we will feature several ATM Postings featuring people and events throughout the world. While they will archive in the memory bank of Otherlane and shared with all, the focus will be on just what Hector Stashtag comes across on his daily travels. If you want to get Hector Hashtag's attention, show us some love by sharing Otherlane with your friends, family, and colleagues. Any little bit of love helps! Until the next episode, this is Hector Stashtag, signing off!

Potential Blog Topics

posted by Anthony Gigantino

As an upstart company looking to strike a balance between serving as a platform to find artists, events, and businesses based on content generated by our users and serving as a hub to generate and bring awareness to intriguing content, we want to explore potential blog topics that we can publish daily that will serve as a means of both promoting engaging content and sparking ideas to create content.

Some topics we've thought about include:

Discussing future methods of film collaboration
Featuring YouTube content generators
Ideas for videos to promote content
Community Technology Integration to foster the arts
Alternative energy at the grassroots level
Education through video interaction at home and in the community

While our site's focus is local arts and events, we also understand that our fundamental core is grassroots-focused. Therefore, anything that is being done by members of the community, who are likely either artists or arts-enthusiasts, is something that should be discussed on this blog.

We are open to any ideas anyone has on topics they'd like to discuss. We hope that we can provide interesting discussions and dialogues. Until next time...

Best Xmas Events Video!

posted by Anthony Gigantino

Please see our newest video on the Otherlane YouTube channel. This video is our Best Christmas Events from around the world event. Check it out and let us know what you think of our highlighted selections. Thanks to Adrienne Harris for putting this video together as always!

Thanksgiving Events

posted by Anthony Gigantino

Please enjoy our video of the top Thanksgiving events going on throughout America! Here about events ranging from eating turkey testicles to a run and mash potato munch off!

Sippy Cup Kids

posted by Anthony Gigantino

Our second interview is with Sippy Cup Kids XIV founder Chimerea Hayden. Sippy Cup Kids XIV, as described by Hayden, is an edgy street clothing brand for kids. Hayden's brand allows toddlers to feel comfortable in stylish clothes. Such hip clothing for children includes t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, joggers, and sweatshirts.

And now, for the interview...

1) How did you come to realize your talent and passion for your craft?

Children inspire, and motivate me! Fashion just so happen to enter in my life around 2014. A couple of years ago I decided to start a boutique for kids however it wasn’t satisfying because it was someone else creation not mine. So 2016 I decided that I will create a Brand designed with distinct contemporary apparel.

2) How do you come up with the idea to make edgy clothing for toddlers?

I myself sometimes like men clothing and how versatile it can be wearing it as female giving it a different look. One day while Shopping for a gift for my friend baby I looked around in the store and there is a girly girl section and a boy section (blah) but nothing for the kids who likes to be stylish, weird, and edgy. So I ran my idea by some friends and at first I was going to just produce items for boys only, but I thought long and hard (also my girlfriends kept complaining don’t leave the girls out lol), so I decided unisex is better because little girls can be edgy also.

3) What is your ultimate goal as an artist or business?

My ultimate goal for SippyCupKids Xiv is to have a successful business that not only produces dope apparel but open a mentor organization to help build our youth starting from the toddler stage.

4) If you could change one thing about the relationship of arts and the community, what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing about the arts in the community it would be to offer more free arts for the children. Back in the day communities use to have drill teams, dancing contest, or even double Dutch tournaments. That kind of stuff doesn’t exist anymore; now it’s all about technology. I believe if we can bring some of that back it may make a shift of change in our community as far as fun, health and maybe violence.

We want to thank Chimerea for partaking in our interview and for being an early supporter of Otherlane. Please check out Sippy Cup Kids XIV's site at

Rachael Compton w/ Ren

posted by Anthony Gigantino

To be a beacon for discovering local artists, we at Otherlane feel we must do more than just serve as a hub to find artists and cool things to do in your neighborhood. We believe community members interested in discovering local artists, businesses, and what they have to offer, deserve some introspective into the motivating factors that inspire those who provide the life, vibes, and spirit of a neighborhood. Therefore, we at Otherlane will be providing our community members and visitors with frequent interviews about local talents and business owners.

Our first interview is with Rachael Compton of Ren, a handmade jeweler hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Rachael is more than just an excellent silversmith. She is also very enthusiastic about the local arts scene and made us realize what a great network of artists Philly actually has, serving as the setting where Otherlane found its roots. We recommend checking out her crafts for sale at

And now, for the interview with Rachael Compton of Ren...

Q: How did you come to realize your talent and passion for your craft?

A: I have always loved jewelry, but it was hard to find affordable pieces that fit my aesthetic. After scrolling through tons of jewelry pages I decided that there was nothing stopping me from making my own pieces. I bought a cheap starter soldering kit online, bought a couple books, did a ton of googling, and taught myself the basics. The first thing I made was a tiny, thin 20 gauge ring, and I immediately loved silversmithing.

Q: What was the most memorable experience you've had operating operating ren?

A: Ren was created only a few months ago in April, but so much has happened since then. The most memorable experience was at the third craft show I'd ever done. A couple came up to my table and asked me to make their wedding bands. Their appreciation and love for my work made me feel so much more confident about what I was doing. I was honored that they had chosen Ren for such a special piece of jewelry.

Q: How do you structure your work time when you perform your craft?

A: It's hard to structure my work time because I'm still in the beginning stages of my business, and I'm trying to find a balance that works for me. Creativity comes in waves, and some days I just don't feel like making anything, which is okay, but it's also important to consistently work on your craft. I've managed to get a routine down where I alternate between making jewelry and taking care of more business-related tasks like updating my shop or processing orders. This way I'm always working on Ren even on the days where I'm not feeling super creative.

Q: If you could change one thing about the relationship of arts and the community, what would it be and why?

A: I think we're pretty lucky here in Philadelphia that there are so many amazing artists, and we have a support system through one another. Our art is found through sharing, and often times it's other artists sharing works that they admire. With that said, there is sometimes a disconnect between the artist community and the city at large. I think what Otherlane is doing is amazing because it's creating a platform for people to find artists and events within their area that they might not have found otherwise.

We would once again like to thank Rachael for taking the time for partaking in our interview and being an early supporter of Otherlane. Please see what she has to offer at

October Events Video

posted by Anthony Gigantino

Beginning October, Otherlane will be producing a video highlighting unique events and festivals occurring each month from around the world!

We would like to start by thanking Adrienne Harris, our video editor, who has helped compile this video and provide the voice narration for this video.

Such highlighted October Events in this video include the Matchmakers Festival in Ireland, Rocking the Daisies in South Africa, Scarecrow Festival in Illinois, the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado, and Oktoberfest in Germany.

For the future videos, we will show screenshots of users finding the events on Otherlane so people who are just being exposed to the site for the first time can get a feel for our platform's core function.

Please leave us feedback and suggestions as to what you would like to see sustained and improved in our videos. Enjoy!

Jersey Flea Markets

posted by Anthony Gigantino

Jersey is known for many things. Of all the stereotypes this state is known for, one of them that gets overlooked is its knack for having a lot of flea markets. All over the Garden State, you can find many flea markets that are either well-known permanent establishments such as Englishtown or Columbus, as well as one-time event flea markets.

Below are some Flea Market events taking place in Jersey:

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market
Roebling Wire Works
Friday October 20, 2017 & Saturday October 21, 2017 10AM - 5PM
The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market is a punk rock-inspired flea market that takes place three times per year in Trenton, NJ. We include 200+ vendors from more than eight states selling everything from vintage clothing, original artwork, antiques, silk screened posters and handmade jewelry to handmade tshirts, vintage toys, vinyl (of course), bone jewelry, taxidermy and numerous other interesting curiosities and unique collectibles. We also join forces with a dozen of the Tri-state’s best food trucks to offer an incredible array of cuisine.
The TPRFM hosted our first event in January 2013 and welcomed just over 50 vendors and has grown, in a few short years, to hosting over 200 vendors with 250 tables. We were recently named one of the Best Flea Markets in America by Huffington Post.
We embrace a life-long love of punk rock and hardcore, DIY ethics, the arts, tattoos, copious amounts of coffee, the occasional shot of Jameson and a solid, well-styled quiff.

Giant Flea Market and Vendor Event
East Brunswick Tech HS
Saturday October 21, 2017 8AM - 2PM
Shoppers, free admission.
Hosted by the EB Tech Cheer and Baseball Teams.

Vendor and Craft Fair and Trunk or Treat
New Market Fire House
Saturday October 21, 2017 930AM - 230PM
Below is a list of vendors as of October 17, 2017
Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski
Heather’s Crafts
Lisa’s Handpainted Crafts
Initials Inc
Perfectly Posh
LuLa Roe
Bake Sale
Color Street Nail Strips
31 Gifts
Pampered Chef
Fundraiser – Balloons
Lila Rose Hair accessory
The Cocoa Exchange
Premier Designs Jewelry

Fall Craft Fair and Flea Market
St. Joseph Church Auditorium, Keyport
Saturday October 21, 2017 8AM - 3PM
Indoor Craft Fair and Flea Market. Tables provided. Children’s activities, refreshments, hourly 50/50 and a grand 50/50.
Proceeds to benefit the development of a Parish Center.

Saint Henry's Church Flea Markets
St. Henry's Roman Catholic Church, Bayonne
Saturday October 21, 2017 9AM - 3PM
Flea markets are held the third Saturday of every month at St. Henry’s Church.
Come to the biggest flea market – the Father’s Day Weekend Extravaganza held on Saturday, June 20, 2015. There will be lots of vendors with a huge selection of items to choose from including gifts for Father’s Day.
Other merchandise available: clothes, kitchen items, home decor, vintage items, arts and crafts, art, up-cycled treasures, unique finds, housewares, jewelry, handbags, toys, tons of books, beauty supplies, special guest made homemade lip balms, amazing handmade fairy wings, and much, much more.
One of our vendors will also be selling popcorn, cupcakes, pretzels, and cookies for the kiddies.

St. Thomas the Apostle Flea Market and Craft Sale
St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Rahway
Saturday October 21, 2017 9AM - 3PM
The Flea Market is held in the parish center located at 1407 St.Georges Avenue in Rahway. This handicap accessible center can accommodate up to 60 vendors at each market. Everyone who attends will receive a free raffle ticket for a drawing of a special gift card at 1PM.
Our loyal vendors set-up beautiful displays of their handicrafts as well as household items, collectibles and antiques. Many of our shoppers have purchased clothing, bakery goods, jewelry, toys, and gift-wares for all occasions, besides special gifts for all ages.
Our kitchen will be open for both breakfast and lunch. The St. Thomas chefs offer homemade ethnic specialties such as stuffed cabbage, kielbasa and sauerkraut subs and pirohi, as well as Taylor ham and egg sandwiches for breakfast.

Fall Flea Market
FirstEnergy Park, Lakewood
Sunday October 22, 2017 8AM - 2PM
Join us for our annual BlueClaws Fall Flea Market!
Vendor Fee & Info: Pre-registration cost registered prior to September 14th is $20, which includes a 27’ x 18’ space (equivalent to three 9’x18′ parking spaces.)
Those who register after September 14th through October 15th is $25 for the initial space.
Registration will be closed after October 15th, and will open back up on the day of event (October 22nd) for $30 cash only!
Additional 9’x18’ spaces are available for $5 each.
Vehicles must be parked horizontally across the back of the 3 spaces and items displayed in front of your car.
Vendors will set pricing for their individual items.
You are responsible for bringing your own tables or displays and removing any unsold items.
The BlueClaws will not dispose of any unsold items.

Catholic Daughters Flea Market
Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Lakewood
Saturday October 28, 2017 9AM - 2PM
Don’t miss the annual Flea Martet sponsored by Catholic Daughters Cout St. Mary of the Lake #310. Breakfast/Lunch menu available. E-mail for application reservation.

Flea Market and Collectible Show
Jubilee Park, Clifton
Sunday October 29, 2017 9AM - 5PM
Jubilee Park Flea Market and Collectible Show featuring vendors offering new items, crafts, vintage items and collectibles, and second-hand items.

5 Philly Festivals Oct.

posted by Anthony Gigantino

As October has reached the half-way point today, the harvest festivals are in full-swing before Halloween. Before highlighting five harvest festivals taking place in Philly from now until the end of the month, let's go over what harvest actually is:

from the Old English word haerfest, we get the word Harvest, which literally means "Autumn." The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, which occurs on September 23rd. Harvest is a reap of rewards, especially for crops, and it is the Reaper himself who comes to "reap" the rewards of the Harvest. For many years, the 31st of October was the end of the Harvest season, hence the Reaper comes on Halloween, which originally was the Celtic Samhain festival held at the end of each Harvest season.

Now that we've established what harvest is and why it's celebrated, let's bring you five festivals going down in Philly from now till Halloween.

Fall Flea Market
Capitolo Park (9th and Federal Streets, South Philly)
Saturday, October 21, 2017 – 9AM to 3PM
The Capitolo Park Fall Flea Market will have vendors all around the park. It is across from Pat’s and Gen’s so there will be tons of foot traffic. There will also have live bands with music to shop by all day. It’s like a party mixed with a flea market.

Harvest Festival at Reading Terminal Market
Reading Terminal (51 North 12th Street, Center City)
Saturday October 21, 2017 - 10AM to 4PM
Fall is here, and that means it’s harvest time! Come and bring the entire family to celebrate the foods of the Pennsylvania harvest at the Market’s annual Harvest Festival. Filbert Street (aka Harry Ochs Way) will be closed to vehicle traffic and transformed into an urban farm with hay bales and corn stalks. Don’t miss the fabulous beer garden featuring fall brews and delicious snacks. Kids and adults alike will have the chance to climb on an authentic farm tractor for a hay ride around the Market, take a photo in a pumpkin patch, enjoy delicious seasonal foods and treats, listen to live music, and more.

Fall into Fall Festival
Kearsley Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (West Philly)
Thursday October 26, 2017 - 2PM - 5PM
The Fall into Fall Festival is designed to bring the seniors out and give them an opportunity to socialize, eat and buy certain things of interest from local vendors. All items must affordable. There are over 100 residents in the facility and vendors are welcomed to come make a difference in someone’s life. Kearsley would love to have some performances, food vendors, craft vendors, etc.

OSA Fall Craft Fair on Locust Walk
Locust Walk (UPenn)
Friday, Saturday, and Sunay October 27, 28, & 29 2017 - 10AM - 6PM
Display your artistic goods on Locust Walk, University of Pennsylvania’s main thoroughfare during Family Weekend for a reasonable flat fee.

Naval Support Craft Fair and Flea Market
Naval Supply Activity (Northeast Philly)
Saturday October 28, 2017 8AM - 3PM
Come out and join hundreds of vendors!! Direct sales, arts and crafts, antiques, and more! Event is free to shoppers, vendor registration details below.

Please give us feedback and any suggestions you for blog posts, topics, event coverage, etc. We look forward to providing you with more content than you can imagine as we mold Otherlane into the net's hub for events and all things local!

Things to Come

posted by Anthony Gigantino

We would like to start by thanking all of the artists, business owners, and organization members who spoke with us today at the Fishtown Neighborhood Association RiverCity Festival. We are very grateful for the kind remarks and receptivity Otherlane received. We look forward to seeing many of you as early pioneers of Otherlane.

The opportunity to interface with so many wonderful craftsmen, soapers, woodworkers, designers, painters, etc. has reassured us that Otherlane is a future hub for local artists to make an impact in their community and within their niche.

Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to showcase various artists we spoke with in this blog space throughout the upcoming weeks. Not only is Otherlane geared towards finding content and discovering new artists, Otherlane is also striving to be the gateway for new artists to receive their opportunity to show the world their skill and passion.

Each interview we conduct with artists will be insightful, introspective, and engaging. Our featured artists are people we come in contact with online and in-person who we feel have a unique gift to offer people seeking both new and familiar things. While not every blog post will be about an artist, event or business (as will be seen with "Top List" style material, intriguing things we find, site updates, and some things we just feel like talking about), we will strive to provide our users and visitors and the Otherlane community at-large with inspiring content on a daily basis. Please feel free to provide us with feedback and comments on how you feel this blog (and site in general) can better serve both artists, businesses, and people looking for something new to familiar to tickle their interests. Until next time...

Change the Airwaves

posted by Anthony Gigantino

There seems to be an aura around this concept of "change." Who will make "the change?" Why do we work for change? How can one man and his marketing team take a concept called "change" all the way to the highest public figure position in the world? Why do I feel I need to make a change in my life?

The word change, as a verb, refers to substituting something for something else and making something into something that it wasn't. On one hand, there's the idea of a barter when dealing with change. In fact, the word change in English derives from the Old French word "changier", which meant "to change, alter, or switch." That French word derived from the Latin "cambire", which meant "to barter or exchange." Before Latin, the word can go back to the Proto-Indo-European (fancy word for Aryan) word "kemb" which meant "to bend."

When people want to change, we naturally let others know about it. When we want to see that change in the world, we need others to know about it. Almost everyone is looking for change, whether to barter with a fair trade, currency, a new living situation, a flaw to correct, and a social condition to fix. Yet, with all of the sound travelling in the airwaves about change, a traffic jam has occurred in the ether, and everyone's voice has created a white noise that can deafen even the most meditative monk from his innermost blissful state of nirvana.

The collective human desire for change has caused a pileup worse than a white out blizzard on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. This has caused friction like bottled up electrons attempting to pass through their conduit with the rest of their microscopic minions. Instead of fostering community and growth, more often than not we tend to praise individualism and boost the ego to the pulpit. We kick each other down for failing to accomplish what we achieve instead of holding a kerosene lamp for a comrade trekking through the caves of Hades.

Through all of the individual's desires to be heard and the yearning of the individual for some bond to feel beyond oneself, change should be something happening on a nanosecond basis. Rather, we change slow because we want to lose weight and eat cake. We want the sofa when the soil calls for our care. We want change from the bank rather than seeds to plant in our minds and bodies. Worst of all, we want someone else to make change for us.

We at Otherlane have shared these same struggles. However, we have come to the realization that the only way to enact change is from the ground up. The technological era of humanity has reversed the ground up from the community to the airwaves. Today, no matter what efforts are made at the local level, they must be initiated and spread through the airwaves. Our vision is that Otherlane can become the lighthouse for travelers on the information highway seeking to find their destination for a new world.

Otherlane is more than just a place to find artists, events, and local businesses. Otherlane is an idea. Otherlane is a place where people go to spread their ideas for all to see. Otherlane is a place where the barista at the local cafe who plays guitar like Hendricks can be recognized without millions of dollars thrown at the airwaves to market him. Otherlane is the hub where an actress who can command the stage with the power of Judy Garland's ruby red slippers can inspire waves of people without appearing on cell phone commercials and bombastic billboards. Otherlane is the place where a dive bar hosting robot mud wars is given as much love by our community as the Fortune 500 artists are when they take the stage downtown.

If Otherlane can make one promise to its community, it's that we will attempt to change the airwaves. We want the people looking for their outlet to know that we provide the plug. If you have interesting content or you know someone who has interesting content, we will make efforts to let the world know what they can do, not just by providing the means of posting events and creating artist profiles, but as part of our curated content we present in our weekly blog.

We encourage all of our users to begin their journey with us by sharing our knack for finding inspiring content from all art types in our weekly blog. While we grow in users, profiles, event postings, and adding new features so that we can provide the best possible art and community hub on the net, we will start by making new discoveries a sensation that feels as wonderful as biting into a Belgian Waffle with whipped cream and drizzles of chocolate. Please, share us with your friends, colleagues, and strangers, and not only use Otherlane to find local events, but to find engaging blog content that promotes artists, businesses, and local heroes of all walks. Help us here at Otherlane change minds as we change the airwaves from a place of isolation, anxiety, and egos to a place of collaboration, newness, and fulfillment.

Philly Comic Books

posted by Anthony Gigantino

From Wooder Ice:

5 of the Best Places in Philly to Buy Comic Books

In honor of National Comic Day, Philly's own local eclectic blog, Wooder Ice, provides a comprehensive list of the top 5 places in the city of Brotherly Love to find comic books!

Thank Ya Philly Students

posted by Anthony Gigantino

On behalf of the Otherlane team, I want to thank all the students at the September 9, 2017 Campus Philly event at Dilworth Park next to Philadelphia's City Hall. We wanted to take the time to hand out cards to the students so they're aware we at Otherlane are dedicated to providing them with a hub to find and post events. At this stage in a student's life, they're entering a phase where they'll have the opportunity to engage in communities both known and unknown to them with a large number of peers. Despite the vastness of information on the web, there has been no central hub students and people of every community go to so they can post and find events or figure out what is happening in the local arts scene. We at Otherlane are here to ensure our users that they'll always have that opportunity to find out what's going on in their neighborhood or any place of interest for free.

Much like the rise of Facebook, college students are the most important people to spread an idea. Facebook began in Harvard, spread to the Ivy Leagues, then to East Coast universities, colleges throughout the U.S., and then to everyone in the free world. Otherlane has to start somewhere. Otherlane chose Philly as it's place to begin building the world's one-stop shop for finding things to do and promoting local arts! We've already received visitors, new users, and feedback from our earliest Philly students. As we continue to grow, we want this posting to serve as a reminder that we will appreciate all of our early Philadelphia users forever. The students we spoke to were very receptive about the idea of Otherlane and showed great enthusiasm in regards to the potential of the platform. Again, thank you all for your hospitality and willingness to use Otherlane as your resource for all things arts and events!


Anthony Gigantino

Hello and Welcome!

posted by Adam

Thanks for taking the time to check out OTHERLANE, an application designed to help you learn more about your own neighborhood!

First off, allow us to offer an apology for the "rough draft" state of our application. We're sorry about anything that is frustrating, limiting or generally sub-par with respect to the way this application is currently working. Up to this point, this project has been built and funded by ourselves and our family and friends out of our homes & apartments in Philly. Believe us, anything that aggravates you drives us absolutely crazy and we are working hard to fix it as soon as possible.

You can help with this effort by filling out our Feedback Form and letting us know what needs the most attention. Your input will guide our allocation of the limited resources that we do have towards making critical improvements.

Despite the current state of things, we hope you can see the vision that we have been following over the last few years as we bring this project to fruition. Fun and exciting local events are happening all the time, but until now, there has been no source to turn to that would help you easily find them. If you missed it on Facebook, then you are out of luck.

OTHERLANE has been designed as a free service to help local artists connect with local fans and to give everyone a platform that bypasses the information bottleneck of traditional media. We want to help eliminate excuses for staying inside and never getting to appreciate what your community has to offer!

If this sounds exciting to you, then please get involved! Add an event, leave us some feedback, and share this project with your friends of followers. We hope to see everyone get plenty of enjoyment out of OTHERLANE!

What do you think of OTHERLANE?

We're working to develop this tool in ways that make it more useful to you, so we urgently need your feedback!

Found a bug?

Report it here!

Anything Else?

You can also catch us at to talk to us about anything your heart desires.

Thanks for checking out OTHERLANE! If you know anyone else who'd be interested in us, please help us spread the word!